Used to make a mixture / liquid uniform throughout. Generally this procedure involves reducing the size of the particles of one component of the mixture and dispersing them evenly throughout the other component. Probably the most familiar example of a homogenised product is commercially sold milk.

In milk that has not been homogenised the globules of fat range in diameter from approximately 1 to 20 micrometers. This allows them to separate out from the rest of the milk if it is allowed to stand. After homogenization the globules are reduced to a range of sizes clustering closely about 1 micrometer and remain stably dispersed through the milk.

Homogenization is usually accomplished by pumping the milk through a small opening at high pressure. Common makes of homogenizer are APV Gaulin, Rannie, Niro, Crepaco, Alfa Laval, Tetra Alex, Soavi, Cherry Burrell.
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