HST HL 4 Homogenizer


The HL4 is a high-pressure piston pump with three pistons and a homogenizing device. The pistons are orientated horizontally. Depending on the application, the homogenizer is available in single-stage or two-stage versions. A choice of valve materials is available, e.g. stainless steel and sintered materials, to handle a wide range of different products.

The cylinder block is made of high-alloy, forged, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and has a minimum of wearing parts. The HL4 delivers high CIP performance due to the high-quality surface and avoidance of dead space. A variety of cylinder block designs are available for septic and aseptic processing of a broad range of products.


  • Max. 24.000 l/h
  • Homogenizing pressure up to 700 bar
  • Absorbed motor power: max. 110 kW
  • Aseptic execution optional
  • Poppet valve for low viscous and slightly abrasive
  • products
  • Ball valves for high viscous and abrasive products
  • Made in Germany

Weight with Motor: max. 5.350 kg


Technical Data


  • Cylinder block material : in stainless steel DIN EN 1.4405
  • Pump valves: Poppet or ball type in material StelliteTM alloy
  • Gear Type: eccentric shaft with forced oil lubrication
  • Frame material : stainless steel
  • Plunger sump: Stainless steel instead of painted steel
  • Motor : max. 132 kW/ IE3


  • Machine control via control cabinet
  • Optional:
  • PLC Siemens S7-1200/1500 or Allen Bradley including tested software
  • Touch panel HMI Siemens KTP
  • Control cabinet air conditioning
  • Plug&Play solution: Machine and control cabinet are tested together


Disc valves

For low-viscosity and only slightly abrasive products

Machine type Max. pressure (bar) Max. throughput (L/h)
150T 150 24.000
200T 200 20.000
250T 250 15.000
300T 300 13.500
350T 350 15.000
550T 550 8.000
Ball valves

For abrasive and high-viscosity products

Machine type Max. pressure (bar) Max. throughput (L/h)
100K 100 15.000
200K 200 14.000
250K 250 11.000
300K 300 10.000
350K 350 9.000
550K 550 6.000


  • L x W x H (mm) : 2400 x 1620 x 1550
  • Weight : 5.350 kg


  • Dairy Industry (e.g. yoghurt, milk, cream, cheese)
  • Spray drying applications: e.g. milk powder
  • Ice cream mix
  • Beverage Industry (e.g. fruit juices, fruit concentrates, fruit purees and Liqueurs)
  • Homogenization of various tomato products
  • Chemical applications (e.g. polymerization, wax, latex)
  • Pharmaceutical applications (e.g. enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition)
  • Biotechnological applications (e.g. various cell disruption)

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