SPX Flow APV Pumps & Valves

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SPX FLOW APV Pumps & Valves for the dairy industry now available from Machinery World.

SPX FLOW APV Pumps & Valves designed for dairy processing.

SPX FLOW possesses a century of experience in the dairy industry, focusing on the minutiae of quality dairy processing.

SPX FLOW dairy processing innovation centers and testing labs are industry leaders in functional dairy processing research. SPX FLOW invented several key innovative dairy processing components, including the APV Compomaster for fat standardization, the APV Palarisator for UHT infusion and the APV Uperizer for UHT injection.

SPX FLOW specializes in the production of dairy processing equipment and dairy product refinement for: liquid milk, fresh cheese, butter and yellow fat spreads, dried, agglomerated, evaporated and condensed products, cultured products, baby foods and soymilk.

Utilizing the right dairy processing equipment is vital to the effective production of sanitary and delicious dairy-based products for a ballooning global consumer base.