High Shear Mixing Plants

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Machinery World specialises in high quality brand new & used High Shear Mixing Plant which are capable of batch mixing & inline mixing. Various mixing plant brands include ROKK Processing, Tetra Pak, Tecnofreeze, Technogel, Pietribiasi, Mark, Tekno-ice and many more.

High Shear Mixing Plants can be in the form of an Inline High Shear Mixer or platform based mixing units which would include Jacketed Mixing Tanks with Heating & Cooling, coupled with an High Pressure Homogeniser or Inline High Shear Mixer and these plants are ideally suited to meet the mix preparation requirements of small to medium scale production activities.

Our Inline High Shear Mixers and High Shear Batch Mixing Plant setup can be used in the following sectors:

1) Food & Dairy Processing
2) Ice Cream Processing
3) Cosmetic Processing
4) Pharmaceutical Processing
5) Chemical Processing
6) Chocolate & Confectionery Processing
7) Paint Manufacturing
8) Plant Based Food Products & Processing
9) Fruit & Juice Processing
10) Drinks & Beverage Processing
11) Drinks Blending
12) Sauce Manufacturing & Processing