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Uzermak Dairy Processing Machinery


Machinery World are the exclusive UK distributors for Uzermak dairy processing machinery.

Uzermak have a long history as food machinery manufacturers and were founded 20 years ago in Izmir, Turkey and are one of the leading manufacturers for food processing machinery and production lines.

The main products produced by Uzermak as food processing machinery manufacturers are; Process cheese machinery, kashkaval & mozzarella processing lines, pasta filata processing lines, cream cheese processing machines, mayonnaise & ketchup processing machines, cheese vats, filter drums, cooker & cooler & mixer machines, feta cut mechanical homogenisers, moulding machines, stretching machines, trolleys, centrifugal pumps, lobe pumps, curd feeding conveyors & filters, falling film evaporators, storage tanks, cip tank & units, cooking vats and perforated vats.

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