Cattabriga Multifreeze 8/12/18 Pro Batch Freezer

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Horizontal Batch Freezer

Easy to use and reliable machine, a suitable solution for any kind of gelato mix.


The Cattabriga Multifreeze System varies the speed and adjusts the refrigerating power depending on the kind and on the quantity of mix introduced, even with small charges. It improves the heat exchange and reduces electricity and water consumption (up to 30%).

Cylinder & Beater
This patented system allows the gas to spread homogeneously all along the surface of the cylinder. The patented EL/TE beater is 100% stainless steel, resistant and extremely performing during both the production and the cleaning process.

Double speed Extraction
The two-speed system allows the operator to extract the Gelato in two different steps: rapidly at first, manageable by the user thereon. This greatly helps to maintain the finest texture and temperature in the product.

Front charging
MULT/REEZE PRO is equipped with a brand new system of front charge that makes the machine very easy to use. The innovative shape of the hopper allows pouring in the mix in the most comfortable shoulder’s position.

PRO Door by lceteam 1927
it pools the traditional Cattabriga’s round door with a user-friendly front hopper and with an outstanding solution for the thermally insulated door. The door is equipped with a removable stainless steel grill that allows you to treat dense or oily mixes easily.

Water dispenser
MULTIFREEZE PRO inherits from the pastry range manufactured by lceteam 1927 the most effective shower, composed by a stainless steel water dispenser, but covered with an insulating plastic sheath. The dispenser connects to the unit by a tube designed to be highly resistant to twisting and high temperatures.

Plate condenser
The plate condenser improves the heat exchange to an unprecedented level, and reduces all consumptions: water, power, parts. Combined with the Multifreeze system and together with a regular and correct maintenance of the machine, this can bring to a substantial saving in operating costs.



12 PRO

18 PRO

Quantity per cycle Kg

1,5 – 8

1,5 – 12

2,5 – 18

Hourly production lt

14 – 63

14 – 120

21 – 150

Installed power kW




Electrical supply

400 / 3 / 50

400 / 3 / 50

400 / 3 / 50

Dimensions W x D x H cm

53 x 70 x 137

53 x 70 x 137

60 x 84 x 137


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