P12K Industrial Butter and Margarine Packer


The P12K model has been developed for the industrial packaging of butter and margarine. It is a robust machine, designed for intensive use. The basic operating principle is mechanical, with the addition of some servomotors to achieve maximum versatility of use. It is ecological and economical to use as it saves up to 30% of wrapping material compared to a bottom fold style packaging machine.

It can be used to package margarine, traditional butter, reduced fat content butter, butter with salt in grains, butter with herbs and blends of butter and vegetable oil.

The P12K can be supplied with four different types of product feeding units

  • stainless steel direct feeding unit for margarine and blends of butter and vegetable oil with piston compensator and return pipe connection. It is predisposed for CIP cleaning
  • stainless steel hopper with motorised feeding screws designed for manual cleaning. The hopper can be automatically fed or manually with small butter blocks
  • stainless steel hopper with motorised feeding screws predisposed for C.I.P. cleaning. The hopper can be automatically fed or manually with small butter blocks
  • stainless steel direct feeding unit for butter with large capacity cylinder (24 kg) predisposed for C.I.P. cleaning

Five different options of packs closure:

  • metal seals
  • hot melt glue
  • heat sealing
  • self adhesive label
  • simple folding

The P12K can wrap using several types of wrapping material such as parchment paper, coupled aluminium and some plastic based materials.
The most important quality of the Vezzadini P12K is the versatility.

The product can be dosed and wrapped in the classic rectangular brick shape

In roll shape

In oval shape to give an artisanal look to industrial product

The weight of packs goes from 100g up to 1.000g and it is possible to emboss the butter surface with logos, imagines or text.

The size change-over time is always less than 30 minutes. It is consequently possible to fit the machine as an example with 250g oval shape brick, 500g roll and a 1.000g rectangular brick.

The P12K operates at the following speed:

  • up to 90 packs per minute for weights up to 250g
  • up to 60 packs per minute for 500g packs
  • up to 40 packs per minute for 1.000g packs

The machine is fitted with touch screen operator panel to set the working parameters. Lubrication is centralised with manual or automatic pump.
The machine is equipped with a LAN router for on-line monitoring and assistance and it is predisposed for the connection with a checkweigher with feedback to the volumetric doser.

The wrapping material feeding section has been designed to integrate a thermal transfer overprinter.


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