ROKK MXP 600 (Special Build) Ice Cream Batch Mix Plant (Year 2017)


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ROKK offers a complete range of self-contained batch mix plants for producing premium quality pasteurised ice cream mix. Available in a range of different sizes, each batch ice cream mix plant features the proven batch principle of heating the mix to pasteurisation temperature in the vessels before it is pumped via the built-in mix pump through the filter to the homogeniser and then to the plate cooler to chill the mix to around 4°C. ready for transfer to the ageing tank.

As well as being simple to operate via the manual control panel, the ROKK designers and craftsmen have invested significant time and energy into designing ROKK batch mix plants for rapid, cost-saving plug and play-like site connections to reduce commissioning time and costs.

Each ice cream mix plant in the range is extremely compact given its large capacity and constructed on 100% stainless steel, over-sized chassis to reduce vibrations and noise pollution as well as guaranteeing long-lasting reliability and a consistently high-quality liquid mix.

  • Manufacturer: ROKK
  • Model: MXP 600 (Special Build)
  • Function: Ice cream batch process mix plant
  • Serial number: 17-400
  • Capacity: 300-600 litres/per hour
  • Electrics: 380V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
  • Total installed power: 12,5 kW
  • Skid mounted unit complete with:
  • 1x 300L maturation tank (slow speed agitator)
  • 1x 300L pasteurisation tank (high speed agitator)
  • GEA ONE 7TS Homogeniser – 2 Stage
  • Product filter
  • Mix transfer pump to Homogeniser
  • Mix transfer pump from Ageing Vat to Continuous Freezer
  • Plate heat exchanger (GEA/Kelvion)
  • Control panel and inbuilt temperature recorder
Primary benefits

Simple operation: Each machine in the Batch Mix Plant range is fitted with an easy to use manual control system to provide complete yet simple control throughout the pasteurisation process.

Compact and easy to install: Despite the large capacity of the mix plants, each is incredibly compact and due to the clever design, and as a result is quick and simple to install.

Well-engineered and reliable: The internal mechanics, quality components and premier materials used throughout the range seamlessly combine to produce a machine that can be depended on day-in, day-out.

CIP washable: Due to the intelligent design and layout, each of the batch mix plants is simple to clean and maintain.

  • Length: 375 cm
  • Width: 166 cm
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Weight: 2000 kgs
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