100 Ltr Stainless Jacketed Process Twin Tank with Scraped Surface Mixer


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A set of Used mixing processing tanks consisting of 4 independent vertical sections with 2 tanks per section. The tanks were used in mixing processed cheese with additives like ham, herbs, etc but can also be used in sauces, ketchup, sauces with various additives.

Each vertical section consists of 2 Stainless Steel Tanks: Top 50 Ltr Stainless Jacketed Scraped Surface Mixing Tank for mixing/cooking/heating the product with additives and Bottom 50 Ltr Stainless Insulated Mix Tank with Scraped Surface Mixer, which serves as a Buffer Tank. Each section is 2 x 50 Ltr batch capacity + 5 litres of additives. The Top & Bottom Stainless Mixing Tanks are Interconnected by a 3 inch pipe. Both of the tanks are temperature-controlled and each of the Tank can work independently or as sets, depending on the type of product.

  • Manufacturer: Hydro Instal
  • Model: MK / – 50 / N
  • Total Internal Volume: Approx 100 Ltr (2x 50 Ltr)
  • Previous Use: Processed Cheese Mixing Tanks
  • Includes control panel (without PLC)
  • Capacity:50 Ltr per tank
  • Serial number: 803/808
  • Year of manufacture: 2014
  • Construction: AISI 304 Stainless
  • Electrical drawings available

Top Mixing Tank:

  • Insulated & Jacketed
  • External Re-circulation Jacket
  • Gate Type Full Sweep Mixer (45 RPM)
  • Teflon Scraper Blades
  • Inlets:1x 1 inch & 3x 2 inch Ports
  • Spigot for feeding additives with CIP
  • Vacuum 0.01 Bar connecting flange
  • 6 inch Inspection Hatch
  • Supports: Mounted on Stainless Steel Frame

Bottom Mixing Tank:

  • Insulated & Clad in Stainless Steel
  • Internal Volume: Approx 50 Ltr
  • Anchor Type Scraped Surface Mixer
  • Outlet: 3 inch
  • Height of Outlet: 300mm (From Finished Floor Level)
  • Supports: Mounted on Stainless Steel Frame
Overall Dimensions:
Length: 950mm

Width: 770mm

Height: 2510mm

Country of Manufacture: Poland


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