Primodan Multiline Linear Filling Machine

Cup filling with a capacity from 6,000 – 24,000 cups/hour

The Multiline is designed for filling of liquid and semi-liquid products. All parts in contact with the products as well as support frame are made from stainless steel and treated aluminium materials.

Depending upon the capacity desired and the size and shape of the containers to be filled, the Multiline machines are available in 2 to 8 row versions or in a 2 x 8 twin row version with a capacity up to 24,000 cups/hour.

A machine built for several cup sizes can either have exchangeable lamellas or have lamellas with holes of different sizes and shapes.

The MULTILINE is as standard equipped with a volumetric dosing device for accurate dosing of liquid and semi-liquid products. Adjustment of the filling volume takes place from the touch screen panel.

The sealing temperature, sealing time, and the speed of the machine are controlled from the control panel, which is also provided with a digital screen for operation data as well as fault indications.

Product features


There are two main advantages with the linear filling system. Firstly high capacity, and secondly space for a number of features, which more and more customers demand.

Fast changeover time
Today there is increasing demand for running several different kinds of products and formats in the same machine. It is therefore crucial that the changeover time from one product or format to another is minimized. The Primodan filling machines are delivered with fast changeable cassettes.


It is easy to fit in all the features you may wish for in the Multiline. You can have several filling systems for multiple layer filling, check weighing, Vision control, UV-C treatment, etc. we just add some length to the machine.

Up to 24,000 units/hour

The Multiline can be designed for many capacities, 4 – 6 – 8 rows, and even made for filling 2 x 8 cups at a time, giving capacities up to 24,000 cups/hour.

Specifications and options


Capacity: up to 40,000 units/hour
Maximum cup diameter: 220 mm
Pneumatic requirement: minimum 6 bar
Electrical consumption: 1.5 – 8.0 kW
Materials: stainless steel / ionized aluminium

CE certificate / EU norm


Cup dispenser
Sealable lid
Heat sealing
Ink jet sledge coder
Snap on lid dispenser
Rotary packing table


Cup buffer – 20 min.
Filling system – piston or flow filler
Sealable foil – alu die cut or Primoreels system with UV-C treatment
Snap-on lid buffer – 20 min.
Hepa filter overflow cabinet
Automatic tray/carton packer
Vacuum cleaning and ion treatment of cups
UV-C treatment of cups
Pulsed Light sterilization of cups or/and foils/lids
Central lubrication system
Ultra clean execution

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