April 2014 - Machinery World

Hot summer: Check, Ice cream: Check, Appropriate machinery?

Despite it only being mid-April long-range weather forecasters are already using some pretty heavy-duty words when describing what the UK can expect this summer. ‘Super summer’, ‘prolonged heat wave’, ‘hot sunshine’, ‘a summer to rival Ibiza’ are all terms that have been confidently touted by forecasters and newspapers alike in the past few
weeks, and let’s hope they’re right.

Recent summers have been a little hit and miss to say the least and
even though last summer was ‘nice’, it still didn’t live up to those
endless days of sun we remember ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, and it
certainly didn’t make up for the lack of sunshine we’ve experienced from
the previous few years.

The ice cream industry was hit hard by the weather, but if the
experts are right could this year be the year manufacturers revive it to
the glory days of past?

Well it seems that the weather platform may
well be set to achieve it, now all that is needed is the appropriate
machinery. Good ingredients warrant good machinery and the two together
undoubtedly ends with an in-demand product, and an in-pocket

Machinery World is experiencing an extremely busy period and
consequently, its current and inbound stock could cater for any size of
manufacturer, from start-up to SME with its pricing structure matching.
So, if it’s cost-effective machinery that works as good as new, you
needn’t look any further.

Alternatively, if you already have the
machinery, Machinery World also offers an engineering service that will
ensure that it works when you need it
Please see our ‘used machines’ pages for a list of stock. If you
can’t find the machine you’re after, please don’t hesitate to get in
touch, and we will do whatever we can to help.