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The health benefits of ice cream

The health benefits of ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. However, have you ever thought of breaking your regular breakfast routine and indulging in something that is generally considered as a dessert?

We know how unusual that may sound, yet this is true. According to a study held at Kyorin University in Tokyo, those who eat ice cream for breakfast are comparatively smarter than those who do not. This might be the most delightful piece of news you’ll ever hear.

How does it work?

Known to have an ‘awakening’ effect on the mind when eaten in the morning, ice cream immediately shocks the brain and makes it active, helping to increase your mental capacities. In other words, soon after waking up in the morning, having ice cream can significantly boost your mental health, as well as perk up your brain to a level that makes you more mentally alert throughout the day.

What did the study claim?

The researchers at Kyorin University, Tokyo had conducted several experiments, in order to provide a solid ground to prove this unusual study. A group of subjects were given ice cream right after waking up in the morning and were compared to another group whom was not given the ice cream. Upon waking up, the subjects who had eaten ice cream in the morning performed better throughout the day, as a result of being more mentally alert. The researchers had also carried out another experiment, in order to address the individuals who were sceptical of the ice cream theory, stating that it was purely down the cold effect of the ice cream. For this reason, the researchers had decided to give cold water to the subjects without ice cream in the morning. Despite these subjects performing better than last time, they were still outshined by the subjects with the ice cream.

Breakfast Vs no breakfast

It is well-known that if you do not have breakfast, you may find yourself not being as productive as those who do eat breakfast on a regular basis. When indulging in ice cream for the morning meals, it is all down to the level of glucose in your daily breakfast. According to a renowned nutritional psychology researcher, the foods containing high glucose level significantly amp up one’s mental capacities, in comparison to not eating at all.

Ice cream & happiness

There is something about ice cream that we just cannot stop loving. Ice cream is known to trigger positive emotions in the human mind and activates the pleasure spots in the brain. Of course going over the top with calories in the form of sugar will not benefit you in the long run, though if you are heading to an important job interview or perhaps a date, a spoonful of this sweet happiness won’t harm anyone.