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New focus for spare parts division of Machinery World

New focus for spare parts division of Machinery World

Leicestershire-based food and dairy machinery suppliers Machinery World Group have brought in a new team member and are completing a rebrand of their spare parts division.  PARTS STATION better reflects the extensive range of mechanical and electronic replacement parts on offer across a wide range of industries – including bespoke items developed in-house.

Parts Station, formerly known as DairyBits, offers a vast selection of OEM replacement parts for the food and dairy processing industry, holding more than 2,000 different parts in stock at any one time, and servicing around 300 customers per year, delivering parts door-to-door across the world.  If the part needed isn’t in stock, it will be swiftly sourced and shipped via Machinery World’s comprehensive supplier network – or made to order in the workshop, as Parts Station Technical Sales Administrator Esther Crowter explains:

Machinery World’s engineers have extensive experience in the food and dairy processing industry, and I can’t think of a single problem they haven’t come across – and fixed,” says Esther. “Over the years, they have frequently built custom replacements for parts no longer being produced – and this service has now been extended to support customer requests for new and improved ways of refining their produce.

As an example, the team are currently designing a skid mounted trial plant incorporating filtration, balance tank, heat exchanger and homogeniser – all together in one small ‘plug n play’ unit which enables the client to undertake sample testing in a time and cost-efficient way.

Skid Visual

This can-do attitude and focus on the individual needs and requirements of every customer are the core drivers behind Esther’s decision to join the family business full-time in July last year:

I’ve actually been working here for almost five years, helping out with the cleaning during school holidays, and then spending Friday mornings in the parts department during my A level years,” she explains, “and I love the way everyone is 100% committed to helping our customers.

“Whether they need some guidance and support in sourcing the optimum mix of machinery for their business, have a training requirement, or an urgent repair or replacement, they know they can rely on the Machinery World team to help them find the right solution in as short a time as possible.

Parts Station stocks and supplies an extensive range of spare parts for over 25 food and dairy processing brands including Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval, GEA, SPX, Carpigiani and of course Machinery World’s own brand ROKK – so with so many thousands of parts to learn about, how has Esther managed?

It has been a very steep learning curve,” she agrees, “but I have a fantastic trainer in Gilbert DeVogel, who has worked at Machinery World for over 16 years – and he’s never far away if I need to sense check something!

“We’ve also spent the last few months re-organising the stores, creating more space, modernising our systems and preparing for growth in servicing the wider food processing market, which has really helped me to expand my knowledge base quickly.  We have achieved so much in just a few short months,” continues Esther, “and I can’t wait to continue to expand the business and my knowledge in tandem.

The new Parts Station website can be found at www.parts-station.com.

Meeting your homogenisation needs

Meeting your homogenisation needs

No matter the scale of your business, the Machinery World Group have a homogeniser to suit, with capacities from 50 – 25,000 litres per hour available as one stage and double stage applications.

Unique in the UK to the ROKK arm of Machinery World, the machines are exceptionally versatile, robust and easy to use – but those aren’t the only reasons to buy, as Somers Giacopazzi of Giacopazzi’s Wholesale will testify:

Founded five generations ago in Eyemouth on the Scottish Borders, Giacopazzi’s has been serving Scotland and northern Britain with exceptional Italian gelato ice cream, sorbets and yogurts since 1898 – and their ROKK 3 Series homogeniser with a flow rate of 300 litres per hour has a vital role to play.

“We pride ourselves on creating – and supplying – premium quality product, not only in our own showcase parlour but also to all our wholesale customers,” says Somers, who was the first recipient of the Ice Cream Alliance Rising Star Award in 2017, “which is why we have our own distribution service. This means we can control the storage, temperature and delivery from freezer to customer and know that the product has arrived in paramount condition.

“However,” he continues, “many of our customers are chefs running busy kitchens where the storage and serving conditions may not be optimised for ice cream – and that’s where the ROKK Homogeniser comes in. It creates a uniform and smooth consistency, giving us peace of mind that, even if it’s not served exactly as we would, it still arrives at table looking – and tasting – delicious.”

Somers also enjoys working with Machinery World for the before and after sales service.

“We moved into a purpose-built factory in 2020,” says Somers, “which took six or seven years of planning to ensure we maximised both space and capacity. We were able to call on Phil Darvell for advice and support throughout that period and long before point of purchase, and the new set-up is exactly what we needed.

“The after-sales support is equally brilliant,” continues Somers. “Whether we have a spare parts requirement, a training or servicing need or simply a processing query, we know we will receive help, advice and answers straight away.”

The Machinery World Group’s ability to respond swiftly to any food and dairy processing need stems not only from the extensive range of new and used machinery they source and hold, but from their UK-based team of experts.

In recent years they have more than doubled their sales and engineering teams, bringing in specialists from across the food and dairy processing industries to support customers through every stage of their business growth. Their spare parts arm, dairyBiTS, has also expanded, enabling them to respond swiftly to any customer crisis.

“Versatility and a customer-focussed approach are the cornerstones of the Machinery World Group ethos,” explains Tim Darvill, Head of UK Sales & Procurement (Dairy). “Whether our customers specialise in cow’s milk, dairy-free, chilled or frozen food and dairy products, we will work closely with them to source, supply and service the best machinery for their specific needs and stage of business growth.

“From production and preparation to packaging, our comprehensive range of food processing and ice cream manufacturing machinery enables us to recommend the ideal combination of capacity, components and cost-efficiency for each and every individual business.”


Machinery World expands engineering team expertise

Machinery World expands engineering team expertise

Leicestershire-based food and dairy machinery suppliers Machinery World Group have further increased their pre and post-sale engineering offer with a raft of new appointments and training – ensuring customers get the best possible advice and assistance when and where they need it.

Tertius Syfert

Food and dairy industry veteran Tertius Syfert has been designing, manufacturing, trading and repairing equipment
for over 30 years and joined the Group earlier this year. He will be working closely with Joe Hawker, who recently
graduated from Coventry University with a 1st in Mechanical Engineering and starts his career in earnest at
Machinery World.

Gilbert DeVogel

The duo joins the strongly established engineering team of Russell Jex, Martin Alexander and Chris Wilson and are
ably supported by Gilbert DeVogel, who has moved into the role of Engineer Manager to coordinate and schedule the

“These are exciting times for the Machinery World Group,” says Managing Director Paul Crowter. “We have significantly increased our range of new and used food and dairy processing machinery over recent years and feel now is the right time to expand our engineering team. Part of the Machinery World ethos is to always ensure we are there for our customers, providing advice, support and practical assistance when and where they need it – and our new appointments enable us to continue to provide exemplary service to customers old and new.”

Tertius, who originates from South Africa, began his career in 1995 with worldwide dairy company Lactalis – and
first met Paul over twenty years ago when he travelled to the UK to source new machinery. Shortly afterwards, he set
up his own company, Syfert Automation, designing and manufacturing food and dairy equipment for a range of different
uses from production and preparation to packaging. He and Paul kept in touch and when Paul told him about his
expansion plans, he was delighted to join the team.

“When running your own business, you accumulate an extensive amount of valuable experience, but you don’t get to share it,” says Tertius, a qualified artisan who is also trained in CAD software design. “By joining Machinery World, I get to meet new people, build meaningful relationships with customers and suppliers, and share my experience with the team. I am also widening my own knowledge – whilst I am the butter, milk and cheese expert, there’s a lot I can learn from the ice cream machinery masters in the team, and I’m really excited with my role as both teacher and student.”

Joe Hawker

Joe is equally enticed by the diverse range of machinery, old and new, that he is being trained upon.

“Every day is different at Machinery World – it’s fantastic to be so hands-on with the machinery and develop such a range of skills from wiring, refrigeration and pneumatics to servicing, checking for faults and getting out on site to meet the customers,” says Joe.

“At first, the machinery was quite daunting, it looks so complex,” he continues, “but when you get down to it it’s quite logical and easy to operate. It also helps that I am being mentored by some of the most experienced ice cream and dairy engineering professionals you could hope to meet – and everyone is so friendly and supportive, it’s such a genuine place to work.”

It is these family values that first attracted Gilbert DeVogel to join Machinery World over sixteen years ago as a
helper in the warehouse. He has worked his way up through both college and the business, helping to establish and
later run Dairy Bits, the spare parts branch of the company, before taking on his most recent role as Engineer

“Machinery World is a great place to work, everyone is wholeheartedly focused on helping each other and giving our customers the best service possible, which is why my new role has been created,” explains Gilbert. “I am basically the liaison bridge between the customers, the sales teams and the engineers, ensuring each and every job gets prioritised, distributed and completed. Now we have expanded our team and services, it makes sense for customers to have one clear point of contact for all their servicing, repair and maintenance needs.”

Gilbert coordinates the pre and post-sales servicing of all machines, scheduling both the workshop and on-site


Partnering for productivity

Partnering for productivity

Food and Dairy-machine experts Machinery World Group and butter guru Grant Harrington of Ampersand have joined forces to develop a homogeniser which produces the most pliable, smooth and consistent butter possible.

Grant, a former Gordon Ramsay Chef, trialled the prototype ROKK RBR1400 Butter Reworking Homogeniser for a few months, working closely with Machinery World to perfect the process.

“I supply small round table portions to many of the country’s Michelin starred restaurants and pastry sheets to the UK’s best delicatessens and bakeries, so the ability to produce a consistently high-quality finish is non-negotiable,” says Grant.  “The ROKK prototype already far surpassed the older, more industrial machines on the market, but it was fantastic to work with the team to make it even better.”

Changes to the machine included tweaks to further reduce the moisture content and to enable the mix to move through the machine with minimal wastage.

“Our partnership with Grant is a prime example of the Machinery World Group ethos of listening and responding to our customers’ needs and requirements,” says Tim Darvill, Machinery World’s Head of UK Sales and Procurement.  “By trialling the machine in a real time situation, with such an exceptionally high-quality product as Ampersand’s butter, we know that our machine meets the needs of the professionals we built it for.”

“I am totally obsessed with quality,” admits Grant “and continually look to develop and work with the best possible tools to create the best quality products.  The ROKK Homogeniser was already so easy to operate, clean and take apart, and now it produces the perfect pliancy for my product.”

“The ROKK RBR1400 is extremely versatile,” says Tim “and has a coarse rotor option as well as the fine mode for customers requiring a different texture and consistency to Grant’s needs.    Customers also have full control over the pneumatic force feeder and auger speed, making it easy to achieve a consistent, bespoke product every time.  We are delighted with the input we have received from Grant – his passion for perfection has helped us create the best machine possible.”

It is this passion that, nine years ago, led to the birth of Ampersand.  Working in Faviken Magasinet restaurant in Sweden, at the time acclaimed the 14th best restaurant in the world, the first thing Grant tried there was the butter.

“I couldn’t get it out of my head how good it was,” says Grant.  “So I went to the dairy, learnt the recipe and was inspired to produce something even better.  This coincided with my brother marrying into a dairy farm in Oxfordshire – and so Ampersand was born.”

Nine years on, Ampersand is still in Oxfordshire, but on a much bigger farm in Bloxham, just outside Banbury.  And has the thirst for perfection been sated?

“Can anything ever be perfect?” laughs Grant.  “I love experimenting and I’m constantly trialling new ideas.  I’m currently on a zero-waste mission and trialling recipes for buttermilk fudge and ice cream, so watch this space!”


New butter homogeniser on the market

New butter homogeniser on the market

The expertise of Leicestershire-based dairy machinery suppliers Machinery World expands across all areas of dairy processing – and they have added a 1400 litre butter homogeniser to their already extensive range of new and used machinery.

The ROKK RBR1400 Butter Reworking Homogeniser reduces thawing time and optimises consistency, giving customers a high-quality product with improved spreadability and a longer shelf life.  With a full stainless-steel construction and improved safety chute, the RBR1400 gives customers full control over the pneumatic force feeder and auger speed, making it easy to achieve a consistent, bespoke product every time.

It joins an admirable stable of new and used machinery spanning the full range of processing needs for the dairy industry, from separation through to storage and packaging.

This one-stop-shop approach to processing gives customers a whole host of benefits, as Tim Darvill, Machinery World’s Head of UK Sales and Procurement explains: “We can knowledgeably support and advise our customers on any aspect of their machinery needs, because we understand the processing cycle from beginning to end.  This means that whatever piece of machinery they wish to replace, we can assess, recommend, and supply options to suit their needs”.

“We always have an excellent selection of new and used machinery in stock, and contacts around the world enable us to quickly source an alternative if that will be the best fit for the customer.  Combine this with the support available from our team of expert engineers and the thousands of spare parts we have on site through our sister company, Dairy Bits, we can confidently take the headache out of any situation.”

Tim, a chartered engineer, joined Machinery World three and a half years ago having spent many years working for large, blue-chip companies including Dairy Crest and Britvic Pepsi.

He was attracted to Machinery World because of their customer-centric approach: “I love the consultative way we work at Machinery World,” he explains.  “We listen and respond to the customer’s specific needs and requirements from a technical, practical, and budget focused perspective, making informed recommendations that really work for their business.”

“This also enables us to identify new applications and build machines which offer a versatile range of solutions, like the ROKK CCM200 cooker, cooler, mixer. The CCM range offers a wide range of usages across many industries including dairy, plant based and food processing and is available in sizes from a 5L pilot plant through to 1,200L for larger batches.”

CCM 200

Tim was joined last year by Arun Jacob, who has taken over customer contact across the north of the country to ensure every customer continues to receive that Machinery World hallmark of a bespoke and personalised service.

Also an engineer, with an MSc from Nottingham University and MBA from Strathclyde University, Arun has worked in the food and dairy processing equipment industry for over 15 years and finds the Machinery World approach both educational and rewarding.

“Machinery World is the only company I know in this sector which puts the extra effort in to go and visit every customer, no matter where they are based, or what their budget is,” says Arun.  “No two client operations are the same, so this means I’m not only able to give them the best possible advice for their bespoke needs – I’m also constantly expanding my own knowledge and expertise.”


The perfect recipe for success

The perfect recipe for success

When you mix 110 years of ice cream expertise together with responsive technology and the finest ingredients from around the world, it’s a recipe for success – and the highly acclaimed Best Vanilla in the UK National Ice Cream Alliance Awards.

Beating off stiff competition from companies large and small, artisan sole trader Enrico Mastrocola of Kingstonian Ice Cream raised the trophy high – and let us into a few secrets of his success.

“Kingstonian is a family business, started by my great granddad back in 1913, then passed down through my granddad, his brothers, my dad, and now me,” says Enrico, who took over full responsibility for the business last year, but has been making the ice cream since the 1980’s. “I think our award-winning recipes are due to a combination of the wealth of knowledge and expertise accrued through the generations, coupled with my love of learning and experimenting with new ingredients.”

With Enrico at the helm, his first key business decision was to invest in a brand new ROKK RFE400 Continuous Freezer and Cattabriga PSK 185 Pro Batch Pasteuriser – an award-winning production plant combination.

“I did a lot of research into the different options available, and was initially considering a computerised freezer,” explains Enrico. “However, when I saw the ROKK RFE400 on the Machinery World stand at the Ice Cream Alliance Exhibition in 2016 and spoke with the team, they convinced me a manual machine would suit me better – and how right they were!”

“At Machinery World, we passionately believe in matching the machine to the customer,” explains Phil Darvell, Managing Director at ROKK Processing, part of the Machinery World Group. “We always get to know their business inside out to ensure the advice we give them is tailored to their bespoke needs and methods of working.
“Enrico is a consummate professional and knows exactly how his ice cream and gelato should come out in terms of consistency and texture – so having a manual machine like the ROKK RFE400 is the perfect fit for him, as he can adjust the settings exactly how he wants them.”

It’s not just the ability to control and perfect the production process that won Enrico over – there’s a whole host of other reasons he is delighted with his decision:

“The ROKK is so easy to use, really robust – and competitively priced, which, for a small business, is a key consideration,” continues Enrico. “When you combine this with the fact that the consistency throughout the cycle is excellent, that it freezes more quickly and will last for decades, I am totally satisfied – and so glad I took Phil’s advice.”

So, with the Best Vanilla in the UK trophy proudly on display, will Enrico take a well-deserved rest?
“Not at all!” laughs Enrico. “I never rest on my laurels, and love trying out different ingredients and recipe tweaks. My new equipment enables me to manufacture more ice cream faster – the ROKK can freeze 400 litres per hour – and the Cattabriga is really flexible, pasteurising up to 180 litres per batch, or smaller batches of just 50 litres, so I can easily put new flavours to the test with my regular customers and receive immediate feedback.”


New ROKK RBR1400 Butter Reworking Homogeniser machine launched

New ROKK RBR1400 Butter Reworking Homogeniser machine launched

ROKK Processing has launched a brand new butter reworking/homogeniser this week.

Based on the design of the Benhil Microfix, the ROKK RBR1400 Butter Reworker Homogeniser rationalises the processing and packaging of cold-store butter. With a capacity up to 1400 kg/hr, the machine reduces the time it takes to defrost butter and improves the quality of the butter by creating the finest water dispersion also improving the spreadability of the butter.

See full details here


How ice cream is helping people discuss difficult topics

How ice cream is helping people discuss difficult topics

Artist Annie Nicholson believes a good place to start a conversation about loss is over a scoop of ice cream. Her work has centred around grief since losing members of her family in a tragic accident 11 years ago.

Mini milks, choc ices, a 99 with a flake – and a chat about loss.

The sweet, soft, sugary taste of ice cream does not usually sit alongside the pain and devastation of grief. Yet Annie Nicholson’s ice cream van was designed to break a taboo.

Annie, 38, from London, had the idea for the van when the Covid pandemic struck. She wanted to encourage conversations about grief – something she already had experience of.

On 4 October 2011, Annie woke up in the night. She’d had a bad dream and turned on her phone.

“I had so many missed calls,” she says. “This had already been on the news. All these people telling me that they were sorry. I didn’t know what they were sorry for.

“It was just unreal. Someone tells you your whole life as you know it is over and you can’t compute that.”

Four members of Annie’s immediate family had been involved in a tragic accident in New York.

Her parents, Harriet and Paul, had travelled there to celebrate her sister Sonia’s 40th birthday. Sonia was in the city with her partner, Helen.

“It was a surprise for Sonia that my parents were going,” says Annie – who had also been due to fly out, along with her sister Amanda. But, because of work commitments, both had to cancel at the last minute.

Harriet, Paul, Sonia and Helen had boarded a helicopter to take a sightseeing trip around the city – but just after take off, the aircraft crashed into the East River.

Paul had been sitting in the front. After freeing himself from the wreckage, he tried to search for his family in the blackness of the river.

“They had to pull him out of the water in the end because he just wouldn’t leave them,” says Annie.

Sonia had died instantly, while Helen and Harriet were taken to hospital. A week later, Helen died. Harriet died four weeks after that.

Paul had been diagnosed with terminal cancer several years before the New York trip. He survived the accident, but died in 2016.

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Visit us on Stand D54 at the PPMA Show 27-29 Sept 2022

Visit us on Stand D54 at the PPMA Show 27-29 Sept 2022

The leading UK event for process and packaging machinery, robots, and industrial vision.

See the efficiency and competitive advantage you can achieve with the biggest and most comprehensive line-up of processing and packaging solutions. Sectors covered include food, beverages, baking, pharmaceuticals, building supplies, pet care, and FMCG.

PPMA Show exhibitors showcase the latest in machinery and ancillary products. Browse products supplied by our exhibitors on our dedicated page to identify solutions to drive efficiency within your workplace.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand at PPMA to see the latest machinery we have available and to discuss any new machinery requirements you may have.

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The best ice cream parlour in the UK

The best ice cream parlour in the UK

A Welsh ice cream company has once again been voted the UK’s best ice cream.

Minoli’s of Machen, near Caerphilly, has taken the coveted ‘Champion of Champions’ at the National Ice Cream Awards four times.

Minoli’s has had a parlour under the grandstand at the Royal Welsh Show since the 1990s, and the company has become famous for its cornet and tub sundaes with a Welsh flag.

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