October 2023 - Machinery World

Meeting your homogenisation needs

Meeting your homogenisation needs

No matter the scale of your business, the Machinery World Group have a homogeniser to suit, with capacities from 50 – 25,000 litres per hour available as one stage and double stage applications.

Unique in the UK to the ROKK arm of Machinery World, the machines are exceptionally versatile, robust and easy to use – but those aren’t the only reasons to buy, as Somers Giacopazzi of Giacopazzi’s Wholesale will testify:

Founded five generations ago in Eyemouth on the Scottish Borders, Giacopazzi’s has been serving Scotland and northern Britain with exceptional Italian gelato ice cream, sorbets and yogurts since 1898 – and their ROKK 3 Series homogeniser with a flow rate of 300 litres per hour has a vital role to play.

“We pride ourselves on creating – and supplying – premium quality product, not only in our own showcase parlour but also to all our wholesale customers,” says Somers, who was the first recipient of the Ice Cream Alliance Rising Star Award in 2017, “which is why we have our own distribution service. This means we can control the storage, temperature and delivery from freezer to customer and know that the product has arrived in paramount condition.

“However,” he continues, “many of our customers are chefs running busy kitchens where the storage and serving conditions may not be optimised for ice cream – and that’s where the ROKK Homogeniser comes in. It creates a uniform and smooth consistency, giving us peace of mind that, even if it’s not served exactly as we would, it still arrives at table looking – and tasting – delicious.”

Somers also enjoys working with Machinery World for the before and after sales service.

“We moved into a purpose-built factory in 2020,” says Somers, “which took six or seven years of planning to ensure we maximised both space and capacity. We were able to call on Phil Darvell for advice and support throughout that period and long before point of purchase, and the new set-up is exactly what we needed.

“The after-sales support is equally brilliant,” continues Somers. “Whether we have a spare parts requirement, a training or servicing need or simply a processing query, we know we will receive help, advice and answers straight away.”

The Machinery World Group’s ability to respond swiftly to any food and dairy processing need stems not only from the extensive range of new and used machinery they source and hold, but from their UK-based team of experts.

In recent years they have more than doubled their sales and engineering teams, bringing in specialists from across the food and dairy processing industries to support customers through every stage of their business growth. Their spare parts arm, dairyBiTS, has also expanded, enabling them to respond swiftly to any customer crisis.

“Versatility and a customer-focussed approach are the cornerstones of the Machinery World Group ethos,” explains Tim Darvill, Head of UK Sales & Procurement (Dairy). “Whether our customers specialise in cow’s milk, dairy-free, chilled or frozen food and dairy products, we will work closely with them to source, supply and service the best machinery for their specific needs and stage of business growth.

“From production and preparation to packaging, our comprehensive range of food processing and ice cream manufacturing machinery enables us to recommend the ideal combination of capacity, components and cost-efficiency for each and every individual business.”